Sarah Screech Owl

Sarah Screech Owl

Scientific Name: Megascops asio

Hatch Year: 2017

Non-releasable due to: human imprint

Eastern Screech Owl Facts:

  • Screech owls nest almost exclusively in tree cavities but will also use old Pileated Woodpecker and Northern Flicker cavities; they can also be attracted to nest boxes.
  • Screech owls hunt from dusk to dawn, with most hunting being done during the first four hours of darkness.
  • Their plumage is patterned with complex bands and spots that give them bird excellent camouflage against tree bark.
  • Due to their small size and excellent camouflage, screech owls are far more often heard than seen.
  • Red and gray individuals occur across the range of the Eastern Screech-Owl, with about one-third of all individuals being red. Rufous (red morph) owls are more common in the East.

Sarah Screech Owl