Meet Magic Merlin

Please welcome Raptology’s newest avian ambassador: Magic Merlin!

Magic joined Raptology in October 2018 following an injury to his left wing. Prior to arriving at Raptology HQ, Magic received treatment and spent time recuperating at Raptor Education Group, Inc. (REGI), an education and rehabilitation facility in Antigo, WI. While his injury healed, it didn’t heal quite well enough for him to be released back to the wild.

Feisty and smart, Magic has done a wonderful job learning how to serve as an education ambassador for Merlins everywhere.

Magic Merlin reaches for a bit of quail.

Merlins are small falcons, not much larger than an American Kestrel. They are known as being bold and brazen, chasing other larger raptors out of their vicinity. While they might lack the Peregrine Falcon’s stealth and speed, Merlins have a few tricks tucked under their wings: they are capable of a bouncing flight pattern which mimics woodpeckers and songbirds, allowing them to get close to their prey before being recognized as a predator.

Be on the lookout for your chance to meet Magic Merlin this summer at one of Raptology’s many events!

To learn more about Magic, visit his page by clicking here.

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